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How is DPC different than Concierge Medicine?

Direct Primary Care

Affordable membership fee, no insurance required

No additional fees or co-pays for visits or procedures

Direct access to your physician by phone, text, or video chat. 

Independently, locally-owned small business

Special negotiated lab and imaging pricing for members at rates much lower than insurance, and all pricing is provided up-front. Insurance may be used for these outside services if preferred

Concierge Medicine

Annual retainer in addition to billing insurance

Insurance is billed per visit or procedure and you will be charged associated co-pays

24/7 access to the practice, may be a different practitioner than your usual physician

Practices are often part of a larger corporate national network

Insurance is billed for labs and imaging, rates depend on insurance contracts and are not available up-front.

Want to learn more? Schedule a free Meet & Greet to get all your questions answered and start to build a relationship with a doctor who really cares.

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